It’s been a hell of a ride, but after almost three years of disrupting the dynamic with no regard for tradition, Adidas have announced that they're ditching the Glitch. Over 60 skins have dropped since the introduction of the most radical, diverse and versatile boot in the adidas stable, but when this year ends, so too does the Glitch story.

Like all great artists, the Glitch is unlikely to be fully appreciated until it is completely gone. It’s served as an experimental silo for adidas, with numerous eccentric designs throwing themselves across the outerskins, offering the ultimate expression of individuality. Sad times, even though adidas have announced that they've got another project in the works, but equally the perfect time to look back at our favourite releases from the last three years. 


Berlin Skin Launching in December 2017, the limited edition ‘City Skins’ was a capital collection comprised of designs that paid homage to London, Paris and Berlin. The latter just edges it for us though


Triple White Skin Following up the debut designs, adidas ticked the traditional box in style with the triple white and triple black releases, which dropped in December 2016, elevating the appeal of its latest creation. Clean, minimal, leather.


Prep Skin The “Prep Skins” from August 2018 saw some clever colour changing technology introduced across two colourways, but the white colourway that turned to blue when in direct contact with UV light was the pick of the pair.


Stratino Skin | The 30th release in the Glitch back catalogue, the “Stratino Skin” offered up a black and red marble effect that actually looks a lot like adidas’ prematch jerseys this season. Strong.


Archetic Skin | Joining the rest of the Three Stripes line-up in swathes of shimmering darkness in early 2019, the “Archetic Skin” featured stunning iridescent details on an otherwise dark canvas, bringing some shining style to the disruptive silo.


World Cup Pack | Bit of a twofer here, with the 2018 "World Cup pack" featuring two designs that had to make the list. First up, the France skin, fitting as they not only had two of the Glitch representatives in Presnel Kimpembe and Benjamin Mendy, but also because they obviously won the tournament. And joining it is one of the two designs inspired by host nation Russia. One of the wilder designs on this list.


Nocturnal Skin | Bringing some glow to the Glitch game, the “Nocturnal Skin” was the first arrival of 2018. Glowing details shone through the cover of darkness for a stylish update. Also, who doesn’t love glow-in-the-dark stuff?


Virtuso Skin | Once you got past the fact that the design sort of made the Three Stripes look like Lotto’s logo, the psychedelic vibes of the “Virtuso Skin” offered something totally unique, The graphic didn’t follow any rules or predefined patterns, taking inspiration instead from the oddities of skins and surfaces. 


Trikot Moment Skin | The “Moment Skins” arrived early in 2018, offering up two options inspired by the by the iconic Netherlands national team kits from 1988, and it’s the blue "Trikot Skin" (Trikot translates to shirt) that gets the nod.


F50 Skin | Taking inspiration from 2005, March 2019 saw the Glitch paying homage to the F50+ ‘Spider’, with some retro vibes combining with a modern tweak for a pleasing aesthetic. Always got time for some F50 throwback.


Absolute Skin | Launching at the same time as the F50 Skin for a double delight of Glitch goodness, the “Absolute Skin” recreated the look of the 2006 World Cup Predator Absolute, worn most notably by Germany’s Michael Ballack for the tournament in his homeland. As with the F50, anything Predator and throwback is a tap in.


The Jewel & The Shark | Sadly not available for retail, but no less stunning for it, adidas created individually customised Glitch skins for Benjamin Mendy and Paulo Dybala ahead of the second round of World Cup 2018 group games. Dybala’s featured a colourful jewelled pattern to reflect his creative and stylish game, while Mendy’s featured a dramatic graphic design of a shark’s open mouth on the skin. One of the most memorable designs on this list.


Devo Skin | The two “Devo Skins” followed up the Glitch’s strong World Cup campaign, and it captured the very disruptive nature of the silo, with graffiti-styled 'adidas' and 'Glitch' branding on the outsteps of the skins to create a strong look.


Hacked Pack Pink | The third instalment in the “Hacked Pack” from October 2017, but the first to appear on this list, the electric pink skin featured a graphic inspired by digital rain scattered across the entire upper.


Hacked Pack Green | More offerings from the “Hacked Pack” but this time featuring a slightly more subtle execution, with that hacked graphic featuring on the black background, accented by bright green pops.


Copa Skin | Do we really need to explain this one? Taking the aesthetics of one of the most iconic boots of all-time and throwing it on their most experimental boot, adidas produced the most pleasing of throwbacks. Always going to be on this list.


Initiator Skin | Simply wild. Living up to its billing as the most maverick silo in the Three Stripes’ repertoire, the “Initiator Skin” took the core colours of the Initiator Pack and just ran wild with it. Stand and admire.


Hacked Multi | Hacked and packed with a shaken up aesthetic, the main player in the “Hacked Pack” offered up a radical design that encompassed the very essence of the Glitch concept; like nothing else you would be likely to see on pitch and expressing all the individuality of the players that would wear it. Superb.

So that's it for one of adidas' most experimental boots of all time. It may be on its way out but it's definitely played a part in the Three Stripes legacy. You'll still be able buy Glitch skins until the end of 2019, so head here if you want a piece of boot history.