The third installment of the new adidas Glitch 'Hacked Pack' arrives in a daring electric pink outerskin to add another disruptive aesthetic to the Three Stripes' most obscure boot concept. Popping in pink with shaken up stripes, it's everything Glitch represents.

The graphic that scatters itself across the entire upper is inspired by digital rain, mainframes and hyperspace, according to adidas anyway. In simple terms it's bright pink and a little bit mental. That crazy static-inspired pattern seen on the first Hacked Pack release throws further eccentric shapes on the laceless dance floor.


The Glitch concept continues to advance as adidas trial more new innovations on their guinea-pig silo. The latest release comes armed with a textured upper and cracked-effect soleplate (the more you play, the more the black sole is revealed). This ain't just a clever way of sugar-coating the fact that it accidentally wears away, it's deliberate.


Above: The first two releases from the adidas Glitch Hacked Pack.

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