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adidas Launch The Glitch 'Mad Pack' Turf Skins

adidas Football have revealed the first ever collection of GLITCH turf skins as they launch the new 'Mad Pack' collection. Two innovative turf designs land to take the versatile concept into further fresh ground.

Taking on a striking aesthetic, both skins are inspired by jersey designs from the early 90’s club scene, with ultra-lurid acid colours and nods to heritage adidas jersey patterns. The first skin features a striking light blue and pink design with Glitch branding across the upper, and the second skin comes in a bold black, pink and yellow colourway.


Just like the on-pitch editions, the turf 'Mad Pack' is constructed with two parts, an inner shoe and outer skin. The outer skin can be removed and replaced so players can change their look based on their preference, while maintaining an inner shoe that has a comfortable and supportive fit that suits them. With the introduction of the Mad Pack turf skins, GLITCH players can now play on soft ground, hard ground and astro-turf. Done.

The turf version uses the same inner shoes as the on-pitch boots, meaning the studs on the inner shoe will slot into place on the turf soles. Basically, you don't need new inners for these. Got it? Good.


Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.


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