Flicking a switch on the Glitch mix adidas roll out a new outerskin pack as the 'Hacked' collection arrives with disruptive pace and pulsating patterns. Launched to coincide with the concept landing in Paris, it's a pack with shifted stripes and neon lights.

The first visual design change-up on the unique silo comes as adidas pull the three stripes towards the top of upper, an area where laces would be, if they were still a thing. Hacked and packed with a shaken up aesthetic the latest Glitch update continues to make the most of the versatile one piece upper with a chaotic print accompanied by a more modest option.


The Hacked Pack boasts one of the most hectic and adventurous colourways so far with a multicoloured mash-up, but it also contains an EQT-esque green and white outerskin that hosts those visually pleasing chunky three stripes wrapping themselves across the seamless upper.

For the best part of the Glitch's lifespan it was only available in London. Since the popularity has grown and adidas began to test the concept in alternative markets the Glitch was extended into Berlin, and now it's hit up Paris, with the Hacked Pack being the first skins to drop in the French capital. 

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