Bringing some glowing game to 2018 adidas launch their first GLITCH 18 colourway of the new year as the "Nocturnal Skin" drops exclusively via the GLITCH App. Shining stripes glow through a cover of darkness for a stylish update on the disruptive silo.

The understated colourway with a punch of party wraps around the interchangeable silo to keep Glitch players spoilt for choice when it comes to outer-skin options. For those new to the concept, we'll make it simple; two pieces, an inner-shoe and outer-skin. It's up to you how to mix and match your style.


The GLITCH has adopted numerous alternative designs since it first launched. The versatile laceless upper offers endless possibilities of design. So, if adidas want to make it glow, then they'll make it damn well glow. The GLITCH is only available in the UK, France, and Germany at present, but we wouldn't be surprised to see the silo break into new ground in 2018. Glow for it.


Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.