Turning heads with green envy, adidas have once more shaken up appearances in dropping fresh Glitch into the mix. Introducing the Glitch 17 "Hacked".

Adidas embrace neon nights as they drop a fresh wrap for their interchangeable GLITCH silo. For the latest instalment, billed as 'HACKED', it's a lethal dose of leather that lands paired with a marble sheen and vibrant green. Strong visuals paired with innovative design techniques.

GLITCH17 _Hacked__0002_HACKED_1_013.jpg

Never too far from a fresh drop and now boasting a "Black/Green" combo to serve as a satisfying mid-week ensemble, this GLITCH skin pushed the numbers beyond 30. Only available in the UK and Germany, it's a testing of the water for those who are well into a custom game. Get your hands on a pair of these and you can be sure that despite the supreme volume of colours available, you'll be one of very few people to hit the pitch and play. 

GLITCH17 _Hacked__0004_HACKED_1_011.jpg

Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.