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adidas Launch the Glitch 19 "Virtuso" Skin

Joining the Predator, COPA, Nemeziz and X, adidas have launched the Glitch 19 ‘Virtuso’ skin, rounding off the Virtuso pack with a colourful final flourish. The psychedelic vibes are a sure way to make you stand out on the pitch, living up to the Glitch's reputation as a way of expressing individuality.

The Virtuso pack, which celebrated the virtuosity and creativity of the most talented players, launched back at the beginning of April, and with indications that a new pack is on the way from the Three Stripes anytime now, it’s had a relatively short on-pitch appearance. The Glitch 19 ‘Virtuso’ skin arrives as the conclusion of the Virtuso pack, following the release of the Predator, COPA, Nemeziz and X and the subsequent Copa Gloro.


The design of the Glitch19 ‘Virtuso’ skin, just like the players that will wear it, does not follow any rules or predefined patterns, taking inspiration instead from the oddities of skins and surfaces. With mixed tones of turquoise, fluorescent green and yellow on top of a bold white base, the Glitch ‘Virtuso’ skin boasts a totally unique, look.


Glitch continues to be the adidas option that exists outside the boundaries of normal boot convention, giving players the ability to customise and change their look each game, allowing them to express their creativity, adaptability and individuality.

Liking the look of the Glitch 19 ‘Virtuso’ skin? Download the adidas Glitch App here.


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