Up close with the new Glitch in the mix. It's boot with an air of exclusivity, the boot that launched like no other boot silo has launched before, and now adidas have dropped a couple of minimal skin updates for their interchangeable disruptive silo.

Stripping things back to create two slick skins of simplicity, adidas release a black synthetic outer-skin and all white leather wrap as the latest additions to the Glitch16 line-up, both featuring iridescent soleplates. The first drop of skin updates has arrived, as promised by adidas when they released the debut collection of launch colourways on the dynamic concept at the end of October. Triple black and triple white. One sparkling in synthetic, the other layered in leather.

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Two more choices for Glitch players, and that's exactly what the concept of Glitch was designed to provide – options. Once you've bagged your inner-skin the outer can be dressed as often as the player desires. It's not X, it's not ACE. GLITCH is an entirely new project from adidas created to allow players to change their style from game to game. Built with a two-piece interchangeable construction, made of an inner shoe and outer skin, GLITCH has taken the most successful adidas football technologies, including a laceless upper and transformed them into a new football product and buyer experience. 

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When it comes to the in depth tech stuff, we'll let Vice President of adidas Design, Sam Handy give you the full lowdown. Expect a number of more experimental, random Glitch outer-skins to follow in the new year, especially now that adidas have ticked the traditional box in black and white style. 

Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.