With time left for one last hurrah, adidas launch the ‘Showdown Pack’, wrapping the X Speedflow and Predator Edge in contrasting colourways linked by red. Players from across Europe will switch into the new looks for the final climactic clashes of the current campaign.

The 21/22 season is almost over, but as leagues across Europe draw to a close there’s still time for plenty of drama, with some huge games still to play. Ensuring their players are ready for the occasion, adidas have unveiled the ‘Showdown Pack’, which pairs the X Speedflow up with the Predator Edge (no room for the COPA Sense here). Both arrive in fresh new colourways, with red running throughout.

adi 13-min.jpg
adi 12-min.jpg

So we’ve already copped a look at both of the new colourways last week, with Karim Benzema debuting (and obviously scoring in) the new X Speedflow .1 in Real Madrid’s 6-0 win over Levante, and Lyon's Maxence Caqueret coming off the bench in their 3-2 win over Nantes in the new Predator Edge colourway.

So now we get a closer look at both. The X Speedflow arrives in a “Vivid Red/Gold Metallic/Core Black”, for a look that’s not a million miles away from Mo Salah’s ‘Prepare for Battle signature X Speedflow from earlier this year, with an inversion of the red placement. For this 'Showdown Pack' look though, the gold trim sits on that red base, giving it a regal finish.

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For the Predator Edge it’s a “Off White/Vivid Red/Gold Metallic” colourway, where the gold and red play more of a supporting role to the off-white base. That colour conjures images of the iconic champagne Predator Mania, and that’s sure to be no coincidence. The Three Stripes on the heel are red, and they come in a geometric execution that’s in keeping with the Edge name and silo.

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