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adidas Launch The New Predator Edge As Part Of The Sapphire Edge Pack

In 2018, the adidas Predator returned. In 2020 it Mutated. In 2021 it evolved into something Freakish. Now it’s been recoded as the Predator Edge, landing as part of the adidas Sapphire Edge pack, which also features new colourways of the X Speedflow and COPA Sense.

OK, so we’ve been expecting this one for a while now, with hype levels being ramped up after Jude Bellingham all but confirmed the launch look recently. But now it’s official: the new Predator – the 19th in adidas’s iconic franchise – is called the Predator Edge, and it veers away from the aggressive aesthetics of the last two generations, leaning instead into the influence of a boot that was ahead of its time: the Predator LZ.

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The new chapter of Predator sees the boot reimagined for the technical demands of the modern game, and while it may nod to the Lethal Zones model in certain aspects, paying homage in particular with the launch colourway, the Predator Edge is built using the most cutting edge technology available today, 10 years on from the launch of the LZ. One of the key elements of that technological improvement is Zone Skin – a breakthrough innovation supporting swerve, spin and grip. Gone are the spikes of the Demonskin that gave the Mutator and Freak their unique looks, replaced by strategically positioned rubberised ribs engineered into four control zones across the instep and toe box optimise ball manipulation. 

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And the innovation doesn’t stop with the high-precision zonal innovation that the LZ inspired. The newly developed Facet Frame on the sole of the boot delivers stability and dynamic traction for powerful movement on the pitch. But more than this, in a radical move away from traditional construction, the frame also features a weighted forefoot piece that redistributes weight toward the front of the boot, optimising power transfer when striking the ball. 

The boot is finished with a FACET FIT collar construction – a premium laceless two-piece PRIMEKNIT collar designed for breathable comfort, easy step in, and secure lock down of the foot during play. 

Artur Markowski, Senior Product Manager at adidas said: “Since 1994 we’ve continued to push the boundaries of innovation through our PREDATOR designs, ensuring the boot remains at the forefront of football technology. But Predator is more than just a boot. It is synonymous with iconic footballing moments, worn by greats of the game, and will continue to carry this legacy with the new generation of players who are proving that impossible is nothing, both on and off the pitch.

We've already seen most Predator pros switching into the new Predator Edge, with even aforementioned Jude Bellingham making the switch from the COPA Sense to bolster the ranks. And while the launch colourway will undoubtedly split opinion – much as it did 10 years ago with the Lethal Zones – it's a perfect tribute to that boot. It's likely to be a grower as its seen on pitches more regularly, including at the women's Euro 2022 competition, but what it also does is whets the appetite for the inevitable tradition black, white and red drop. 

As the brand has done in the past, the new Predator Edge is joined by the X Speedflow and COPA Sense in the Sapphire Pack, and they each get new corresponding colourways in support of what is the headline act.

For the COPA Sense, that’s a “Sky Rush/Team Shock Pink/White” paint job, that sees the turquoise “Sky Rush” colour as the base, with the pink flashing through the branding. It's already been debuted by a host of players including the likes of Messi, Benzema and Gnabry, and all X wearers will switch into this colourway going forward.

The COPA Sense then goes down a darker route, with a “Team Navy Blue/White/Blue Rush” colourway that sees the navy dominating the look. Flashes of the same orange colour from the Predator appear on the collar and branding, tying it nicely into the pack. Lorenzo Insigne was one of the first to notch in these over the weekend, and you can expect to see all COPA players in this and the laced .1 version going forward.

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