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adidas Launch X Speedflow Messi 'Mi Historia'

Time for the latest in a long line of signature edition boots for Lionel Messi, with adidas presenting the PSG man with the X Speedflow .1 ‘Mi Historia’, which features a design that calls back to a signature style from 2014.

Now we don’t speak all that much Spanish, but even we can tell that adidas have dipped into Messi’s past for inspiration for his latest signature edition boot, the X Speedflow .1 ‘Mi Historia’. And what a past to be able to choose from. For whatever reason, it’s the signature style from 2014 that comes into focus here, with a design that recreates the look of the Argentinian’s gold Adizero IV.

messi 11-min.jpg
messi 10-min.jpg

So what we get here is a “Solar Gold/Core Black/Bright Yellow” colourway that mirrors that of the 2014 boot, and within is a text-based graphic that covers the whole upper, again, like the Adizero IV. Those words are “Team, Equipo, Respeto, Balon, Estilo, Nosotros, Jugamos, La Masia, Familia, Aficion”, which translates as “Team, Equipment, Respect, Ball, Style, Us, Let’s play, La Masia (Barcelona’s famous academy), Family, Hobby.” All key elements in the life of Lionel Messi.

The design differentiates mostly through the presence of black, which appears through the heel, collar, laces and three stripes. The Messi ‘M’ logo then takes its position on the forefoot and the heel.

messi 7-min.jpg
messi 8-min.jpg
messi 6-min.jpg
messi 9-min.jpg

Pick up the adidas X Speedflow Messi .1 'Mi Historia' at

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