Once again turning out the lights on its lineup, adidas launches its now-customary New Year blackout pack. But with no more Nemeziz and a new Predator right around the corner, it leaves only the COPA Sense and X Speedflow…

Kicking off the new year as they often do, adidas offer up some low key updates for the X Speedflow and COPA Sense. But there’s no Tom Hiddlestone-esque god of mischief to be found here… rather, the low key relates to the toned down approach to colour, with black bases joined by a splash of red, white and blue. And yes, we apologise for that awful Loki joke.

eod 10-min.jpg
eod 8-min.jpg
eod 7-min.jpg
eod 3-min.jpg
eod 2-min.jpg

As with previous years, there’s no sign of the Predator in this lineup, with a next gen model expected to drop in the near future. Expect that one to join this lineup at a later date then, and for now content yourself with a sleek and stealthy looking X Speedflow, and a seductive COPA Sense.

The X Speedflow sees that black base joined by the red, white and blue on the nicely executed Three Stripes, while it also flashes through the Adidas brand logo on the medial side, conjuring images of the French Tricolore. The soleplate then features a black heel that transitions into a white forefoot, with the studs switching from white to orange in corresponding fashion.

For the COPA Sense, it’s a similar story, with the red, white and blue, snaking its way through the swirling heel, on the back of which is the only noticeable Three Stripe branding. The soleplate then completes the look, arriving in a spectral silver/grey colour. Two tidy options for the winter months.

eod 9-min.jpg
eod 6-min.jpg
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eod 4-min.jpg

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