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adidas Launch The 'Diamond Edge' Pack

Continuing a recent history of white boot packs that come out for the end of the season, adidas drop the Diamond Edge pack, wrapping the Predator Edge, X Speedflow and COPA Sense in clean colourways.

This week saw top adidas players across Europe switching into new colourways of the Predator Edge, X Speedflow and COPA Sense… colourways that we now know are the ‘Diamond Edge’ pack. The pack continues to play off the “Edge” wording of the most recent incarnation of the Predator, just like the Sapphire Edge pack, and it also (perhaps coincidentally or perhaps entirely by design, we’ll let you decide) segues nicely from the recent Swarovski-encrusted Predator Edge release.

diamond 3-min.jpg
diamond 2-min.jpg

There’s been occasional sightings of this new colourway over the last few weeks, most notably on the feet of Erling Haaland, as the Norwegian continues to weigh up a move to the Three Stripes. That was the X Speedflow .1, and now we get a full look at all the other boots in the pack.

First up we’ll look at the Predator, given the obvious links with the “Edge’. So gone is the sapphire, and in comes the diamond. What relevance does this have? No idea, but it sees the Predator Edge in a “White/Hi-Res Blue” colourway; that’s a white base with the blue being reserved for the branding and the rubber elements on the Zone Skin.

diamond 7-min.jpg
diamond 6-min.jpg

Next up is the X Speedflow, which arrives in a “White/Legacy Indigo/Sky Rush” colourway. As we’ve already pointed out, we’ve seen the laced ‘.1’ version previously, and now we get a close up look at the laceless ‘+’ version. Much like the aforementioned .1, it sees a white base with a icy blue veins running throughout, while a bold blast of blue travels down the centre of the boot, from collar to toe.

Finally, the COPA Sense is arguably the cleanest of the bunch, with a “White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo” actually translating to a mostly white looking boot. The blue dominates the inside of the boot, while on the outside it merely cameos on the wavy heel and branding.

So we’ve already seen most pros switching out into these colourways, and we can expect more t in the coming weeks, including the athletes that will be playing in the women’s Euro 2022 tournament.

diamond 5-min.jpg
diamond 4-min.jpg

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