Completing the ‘Edge Of Darkness’ pack, adidas launch the Predator Edge in an always pleasing blackout look that features only the merest hint of colour.

When adidas dropped the X Speedflow and COPA Sense in blackout colourways at the start of the year we all knew that the new Predator wouldn't be far behind. At that point though, we had no idea what the next generation of the iconic franchise would be called, so when the Three Stripes’ understated look for early 2022 was officially announced as the ‘Edge of Darkness’ pack, no one thought anything of it. Now though, we all know that the new Predator is called the Predator Edge, and all of a sudden it all makes sense. Clever marketing team.

eod pred 1-min.jpg
eod pred 2-min.jpg

So the Predator Edge arrives in a sleek blackout look, joining the X Speedflow and COPA Sense to complete the Edge of Darkness pack. It’s a look that is very reminiscent of the prototype version that the pros put through their paces on the lead up to launch, only here we get small flashes of colour that pop through the Three Stripe branding on the rear lateral side and on the tongue area (even if there is no tongue anymore these days). The white of this pop is bordered by red and white, just like on the other two boots, giving off a distinctly French feel to the finish.

Following on from the launch colourway, which paid homage to the Predator LZ on the tenth anniversary of its original launch, it’s a look that should please purists a bit more. Still wouldn’t say no to a bit more red, but we’ll take this all day long.

eod pred 6-min.jpg

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