Getting the new year underway with a return to darkness that’s incredibly appropriate for the time of year, adidas turn the lights out on the X Ghosted+ and Nemeziz+, dressing them in black coats that are tinged with pops of colour for the ‘Superstealth Pack’.

As has become something of a tradition around this time of year, adidas get the black paint brushes out for a dark delight, this time wrapping the current roster in black bases that are then accentuated by subtle flashes of colour. But this isn’t a full pack setup, with only the X Ghosted+ and Nemeziz+ getting the treatment, while the COPA and Predator remain conspicuous by their absence...

stealth 3-min.jpg
stealth 5-min.jpg

The X Ghosted+ made a real impression upon its launch last year, so much so that the spectral launch colourway romped to the number one spot in our Top 20 boots of 2020, and its appeal continues into the new year, with an opposite approach to the light hues of that first look. For the ‘Superstealth Pack’ it takes on a super-sleek look, with hints of blue popping through the forefoot and heel branding. It may well be opposite to the launch look, but it’s certainly no worse off for it.

And the X Ghosted is joined by the Nemeziz+, which adopts a far more lowkey look than the insanely colourful ‘Precision to Blur’ paint job that it boasted for its last appearance. Hard to miss, that one. That being said, despite this having the monicker of 'Superstealth', flashes of iridescence shimmer though the whole base, crescendoing in the split soleplate that lends the boot a slick appearance.

stealth 2-min.jpg
stealth 4-min.jpg

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