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adidas Unveil The 'Shadowportal Pack'

Arriving in stark contrast to the recently released ‘Game Data’ pack, adidas offer up the alternative ‘Shadowportal pack’, which blankets most of the colour from the X Speedportal, Predator Edge and COPA Sense.

As has come to be expected these days, adidas offer up a toned down version of their on-pitch pack, presenting a more reserved colour palette for its current roster. Having been seen on pitch at the Euros recently, the brightly coloured ‘Game Data’ pack will be what adidas athletes will be wearing when the 22/23 season gets underway, but that’s not to everyone’s taste. That’s why we also get ‘Shadowportal Pack’, which doesn’t completely do away with the bright colours, but restricts them to a mere supporting role on the otherwise black canvases.

shadow 8-min.jpg
shadow 9-min.jpg

The flagship of the ‘Game Data’ pack was the next generation X Speedportal, so named because it was supposedly faster in all dimensions (a tie in with the Rick and Morty-infused marketing). And so, in the same way that the last blackout pack followed the Predator Edge into the Edge of Darkness, this latest release slips through the Speedportal and into the Shadowportal. Get how it works? Good.

shadow 5-min.jpg
shadow 4-min.jpg

So, to start things off we get the X Speedportal. Then official colourway is listed as “Core Black/Solar Red/Solar Green”, and that’s exactly what we get. The black dominates the look, as you’d expect, with the red appearing on the Three Stripes in the forefoot. The green – an obvious nod to the launch colourway of the boot from the ‘Game Data’ pack – takes residence on the heel of the boot, where the “X” branding sits.

Tech-wise, as a next generation boot it boasts new technologies aimed at making its wearer even faster in all directions, whilst also maintaining a high level of comfort. This has been achieved thanks to the retooled Speedframe technology, which makes the boot lighter than its predecessor, while a new high-speed stability system provides support, fit, and lockdown. It combines with the Speedskin 2.0, which offers improved comfort and touch.

shadow 7-min.jpg
shadow 6-min.jpg

For the Predator Edge we get a "Core Black/Team Solar Yellow/Solar Red" colourway, with the yellow taking up branding duties on the upper. That leaves the red to flash through the underside of the forefoot. The rest is black, including the rubberised ribs of the Predator Edge’s signature Zone Skin.

Finally, the COPA Sense joins ranks in "Core Black/Solar Red/Team Solar Green", and the red plays a far stronger role, flashing through the heel, while the green is restricted to and internal cameo only.

shadow 3-min.jpg
shadow 2-min.jpg

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