Offering up a toned down approach for the start of the season, adidas launch the ‘Escape Light’ pack, presenting their three-silo setup of X Speedflow, COPA Sense and Predator Freak in shrouds of darkness, with only slight hits of colour popping through.

Launching in contrast and as an alternate option to the brighter ‘Meteorite Pack’, which also dropped today and will be in focus on the feet of pros in all professional leagues as and when they commence, adidas provide the more lowkey and subtle shades of the ‘Escape Light’ pack. It sees the current three-silo setup of X Speedflow, COPA Sense and Predator Freak – no more Nemeziz here – all doused in shade for a more subtle approach to the season.

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While you won’t see much of the ‘Escape Light’ pack on the big pitches of the Premier League and beyond, it will undoubtedly be the favoured option on grassroots pitches, with exactly the same tech options wrapped up in what are some sleek aesthetics. For the X Speedflow it’s a “Core Black/Sonic Ink/Solar Yellow” colourway that really shows off the texture of that Primeknit upper – which is the lightest-to-date on a football boot – designed to adapt to the player’s foot. This combines with a new Primeknit Speed Collar for further enhanced lockdown fit for zero distraction. On the instep in blue is the number "299792458 m/s" – the speed of light, and a nice nod to the core influence behind the design of the X Speedflow.

The X Speedflow also sees the introduction of a new Engineered Agility Frame, connecting player to boot, with the lattice structure engineered to wrap around the foot, providing lockdown and stability whilst being as minimal and lightweight as possible.

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For the COPA Sense, there’s a shimmering “Core Black/Dark Grey” look that almost takes on a metallic hue. There are pops of other colours shining through the heel cup, stud tips and the ‘COPA’ wording.

And rounding out the pack is the Predator Freak, which features a “Core Black/Iron Metallic/Sonic Ink” colourway. What that doesn’t say is”blue”, but that’s the colour that flashes through the heel cup again, as well as through the Demonskin spikes in the forefoot and the stud tips. The Three Stripe branding on the forefoot is a lighter shade to standout.

All three boots are available in the '+' laceless version as well as a '.1' laced version, with the same technology being available on both, with the only real difference being whether you prefer the security of laces or not. Options for all.

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