Following in the classic footsteps of the iconic King, PUMA utilise their patented ‘Lazertouch’ innovation on the current roster of Future Z 1.1 and Ultra 1.2 once more. Presented in crisp white coats, both boots feature K-leather constructions, with the specially crafted textures embossed onto the leather for superior grip on the ball.

In case you missed it, last year PUMA introduced its patented ‘Lazertouch’ technology when it launched the special edition King Platinum ‘Lazertouch’. It saw the new cutting-edge technology enhancing the control properties of the K-leather from which the King is constructed. They then followed that up back in April with the ‘Craft Pack’, providing sleek, blacked out versions of the Future Z 1.1 and Ultra 1.2. And they're back at it again, presenting the Future Z and Ultra both in leather, both in white from heel to toe, and both boasting Lazertouch detailing for that added slice of style.

lazer 7-min.jpg
lazer 6-min.jpg

PUMA aren’t afraid to mess with the conventional framework of their current setup, having given us the innovation-driven ‘Super Tech Pack’ recently, jazzing up both the Future Z and Ultra by boosting their key features. And now they’re at it again with the ‘Lazertouch’ pack, which sees the normal construction of both boots switched out for K-leather – an essential step that allows them to utilise the Lazertouch technology. That technology enables a variety of specially crafted textures and graphics to be embossed onto the upper material of the boot, allowing for a wide range of bespoke designs to be created.

Lazertouch utilises lasers (obviously) to engrave detailed patterns into a mould, which is fused with the K-Leather to create performance augmented patterns and textures. By applying key patterns to select striking zones, PUMA have been able to further enhance the control properties of the K-leather. And its all wrapped up in the cleanest of white coats. So there you go.

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