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PUMA Drop The Future Z 1.4 Lazertouch

As has become customary in recent years, PUMA roll out their patented ‘Lazertouch’ technology for the latest generation of the Future Z, the Future Z 1.4, offering up a leather version of the silo for those that favour a traditional feel.

Back in May of this year, PUMA rolled out the Future Z 1.3 ‘Lazertouch’, which followed on from last year’s ‘Craft Pack’ and ‘Lazertouch Pack’. Now, not six months on from the last release, the brand has pulled out the Lazertouch innovation once more, this time taking aim on the new iteration of the Future Z, the 1.4, which is presented in a “Pristine/Evening Sky” colourway. The new cutting-edge technology enhances the control properties of the premium K-leather that the boot is constructed for, while also adding a unique look on the forefoot.

future 11-min.jpg
future 10-min.jpg

What you get with ‘Lazertouch’ is a more classic construction that will appeal to the traditionalists among us, while the innovative technology enhances the performance properties of the leather, giving the best of both worlds. So what exactly is Lazertouch? For those not in the know yet, it’s a technology that utilises lasers (obviously) to engrave detailed patterns into a mould, which is fused with the K-Leather to create performance augmented patterns and textures. By applying key patterns to select striking zones, PUMA have been able to further enhance the control properties of the K-leather. And there you have it, all wrapped up in a black base with golden details flashing through for a fine finish.

future 8-min.jpg
future 9-min.jpg
future 12-min.jpg
future 7-min.jpg

Pick up the PUMA Future Z 1.4 Lazertouch at

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