Completing the ‘Faster Football’ pack following the earlier release of the Ultra 1.3, PUMA launch the Future Z 1.2, which arrives in a “Bluemazing/Sunblaze/Surf the Web” colourway. And no, we didn’t just make that up.

Earlier this month PUMA unveiled the new Ultra 1.3, which for the first time ever, was available in both a regular Unisex fit and also a Women-specific fit. It was the first part of what is the ‘Faster Football’ pack, ready for the start of the new season, and as the brand has done in the past, they held the second part of the pack back to ensure focus remained on the all-new Ultra. But now they complete the pack with the release of the Future Z 1.2.

future 6-min.jpg
future 5-min.jpg

The Future Z 1.2 arrives with the same tech under the hood that came before despite the numerical upgrade, so the adaptive FuzionFit+ compression band remains the centre-piece of the Future Z’s construction, providing optimal lock-in and support for movement, increasing agility. To further support multidirectional movements the Future Z boasts an innovative 'Z' shaped outsole (hence the name), while a thin GripControl pro skin is applied in key areas to emphasise the super soft upper for a refined touch and ball control.

Aesthetically, the Future Z 1.2 features a colourway that’s officially known as “Bluemazing/Sunblaze/Surf the Web”, which is essentially a metallic blue base with some red and white accents popping through, sitting in a nice contrast to the Ultra 1.3. Expect all Future Z wearers to switch into this colourway ahead of the new season.

future 7-min.jpg

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