With the appeal for black boots an ever-present, PUMA launch the latest ‘Eclipse Pack’, wrapping the Future Z 1.2 and Ultra 1.3 in dark coats, with flashes of “Sunblaze” marking them out from previous editions.

The Eclipse happens twice a year – at least it does for PUMA, with the German brand wrapping their roster in black to ensure that options are present for those that prefer a lowkey approach to their footwear. And for the latest ‘Eclipse Pack’, it’s the Future Z 1.2 lining up alongside the new Ultra 1.3, which suits up in darkness for the first time following its launch in July.

eclipse 2-min.jpg
eclipse 1-min.jpg

As a differential from previous ‘Eclipse Pack’ drops, this latest edition – the second of 2021 – sees the introduction of a “Sunblaze” colour. That colour flashes through the branding and studs of both the Future Z 1.2 and the Ultra 1.3.

For the latter, this is only the second colour option since its launch. It features a re-engineered lightweight MATRYXEVO woven upper featuring technical Carbon yarns and transparent Mono yarns. The new upper combines with a brand new Speedcage to create multilayered support for rapid movement. The upper features cut-out transparent windows in the mid foot to further reduce weight making the ULTRA 1.3 even lighter than the ULTRA 1.2.

The adaptive FuzionFit+ compression band remains the centre-piece of the Future Z’s construction, providing optimal lock-in and support for movement, increasing agility.

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