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PUMA Launch The 'First Mile' Future Z & Ultra

Continuing the fight against plastic waste and promoting sustainability, PUMA link up with First Mile to produce unique versions of the Ultra 1.3 and Future Z 1.2, made entirely from recycled bottles diverted from landfill and oceans.

Last week PUMA dropped the King Platinum ‘Vegan’, which saw the classic silo recreated using 100 percent vegan materials. Now the brand build on from that by teaming up with First Mile once again to produce sustainable versions of their key boots, the Ultra 1.3 and the Future Z 1.2, both of which are made from recycled plastics collected in the First Mile network, from the soleplate right up to the laces. The move is part of the German company’s ongoing commitment to reduce its environmental impact and live up to its code of being “Forever Better”.

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First Mile is a people-focused network that strengthens and supports micro-economies in underdeveloped communities such as Taiwan, Honduras, and Haiti by collecting plastic bottles to create sustainable jobs and reduce pollution, preventing waste from reaching landfills and oceans. The bottles are then sorted, cleaned, shredded, and turned into yarn, which is later used to create products with purpose that truly empower from the first mile forward. 

Back in February 2020, PUMA linked up with them for the first time for a sportswear collection, and now they’re back together, this time with a focus on PUMA’s football footwear, where there is absolutely no difference in terms of performance, just the knowledge that the boots are serving to help the environment and the ongoing battle for sustainability.

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Both boots are presented in an “Intense Blue/Ivory Glow/Mineral Yellow”, representing the oceans that the project is working to save. For the Ultra the blue dominates, the yellow flashes through the heel, and the ivory plays supporting role on the branding. 

The Future Z sees a greater split between the blue and ivory, the latter covering the forefoot and the former the heel. The yellow is then used for the branding in what is an equally striking aesthetic.

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