Pulling out some premium patented innovation to revamp an icon, PUMA launch the special edition King Platinum Lazertouch, which sees a special new technology used for the first time ever on K-leather to enhance the already classic qualities of the famous boot.

The King is a classic, no doubt about it; full of heritage and revamped countless times to keep it relevant in the modern game. And now it’s been used as the guinea pig once again, this time for a revolutionary new approach to boot design. Dropping in a white and a black colourway, it's tradition with a twist.


The patented new Lazertouch technology is exclusive to PUMA, and using it on the premium K-leather of the King is an industry first. The technology enables a variety of specially crafted textures and graphics to be embossed onto the upper material of the boot, allowing for a wide range of bespoke designs to be created.

Landing alongside the special edition Future Retro in what is a brace of disruptive drops from PUMA, the King Platinum Lazertouch utilises lasers, obviously, to engrave detailed patterns into a mould, which is fused with the K-Leather to create performance augmented patterns and textures. By applying key patterns to select striking zones, PUMA have been able to further enhance the control properties of the K-leather.


The renowned fit of the King is further refined with a snug knitted tongue and the ultra-modern slim silhouette is then combined with the super lightweight ‘RAPIDSPRINT’ outsole to make the King Platinum Lazertouch the fastest and lightest PUMA King ever. That's how you do a limited edition boot.


Pick up both colourways of the PUMA King Platinum Lazertouch football boots from prodirectsoccer.com