Opting for a novel approach to highlighting the technicality of the boots, PUMA launch ‘Glow in the Dark’ versions of the Ultra SL and Future Z – limited edition advanced versions of the regular silos.

Back in August 2021, PUMA dropped the ‘Super Tech Pack’, offering up hyped up versions of the Ultra and Future that focused on each boots’ key innovation, turning them up to 11 for something quite radical. Now the German brand are at it again, only this time their putting full focus on the innovations that have propelled these versions by making them glow in the dark – ideal if you’re wanting to show why these boots are so good whilst being in a dark room.

glow 7-min.jpg
glow 14-min.jpg
glow 5-min.jpg
glow 4-min.jpg

So the Ultra gets stripped back once again to take on its Super-Light guise, and it does so by featuring a new ultra fast outsole, infused with running spike DNA. It’s construction also features a lightweight and soft upper material, as well as a lightweight, removable sock liner. So yeah, lightweight, and highlighted through glow in the dark elements in the “Mykonos Blue/Puma White/Arctic Ice/Yellow Alert” colourway.

The Future Z then arrives laceless, expanding the FuzionFit+ technology across the whole knit area to ensure a snug, locked in fit. And that’s where the innovation is, so along with the branding, that’s what glows in the dark. 

So as well as being cutting edge, you should also be able to spot these boots easier in the cupboard, garage under the bed… you know, all the places you chuck your boots until the next time you need them.

glow 11-min.jpg
glow 13-min.jpg
glow 10-min.jpg
glow 8-min.jpg

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