Mizuno's second-generation Morelia II is whisked off for a weekend at the 'Made in Japan' spa and comes back with a plush makeover having been pampered with the brands luxurious and highest quality treatments. The Morelia II MIJ is beautiful football all over.

Wrapped in a peacoat dressing gown of premium grade kangaroo leather, the Morelia II MIJ is built using the same processes as the football boots supplied to Mizuno's professional players. Handcrafted in Japan and last for 24 hours rather than the 20 minutes for a standard football boot, it's a process that defines Mizuno as a brand; doing whatever is necessary to create the highest quality product possible.

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The Morelia has sat at the top table of football heritage for far longer than most, and that's because Mizuno have kept it match-fit and relevant time and time again. Not one to throw around attention seeking colourways to grasp eyes, Mizuno know their cliental and the Morelia pleases that exclusive and loyal following of players over and over. Traditionally tasty.