Taking the pitch perfect aesthetic of its handcrafted, “Made in Japan” masterpiece, Mizuno wrap the Morelia II in a most appealing “Blue Depths/Gold” colourway for the start of the 2019/20 season. Old school style living on strong.

The Morelia II is a rare beast these days, handcrafted from premium K-leather and carrying the standout out seal of quality that is “Made in Japan”. But when you combine that with the appeal of a simple gold on navy colourway, you’re on to a winner. Add to that a classic fold over tongue and, well, you might as well just take our money right now. Everything about this is pure premium, with Mizuno showing other brands how to execute gold in a classy way; they don't do tacky.


The “Blue Depths/Gold” drop for the Morelia II arrives alongside the new “Beta” Morelia Neo II, and where its departure from tradition may frustrate purists, the “Blue Depths/Gold” delivers something to satisfy and seduce in equal measure. Mizuno are not averse to dripping a bit of gold across their boots here and there, with it last being used back in September 2018; the Rebula getting a touch of gold and the Morelia just landing in a bucket of the stuff. But here the execution is far more subtle, and there’s something about that rarely used gold on navy execution that just feels a little bit different, and therefore special. Premium craftsmanship wrapped up in the most pleasing of paint jobs. 


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