Introducing one more addition to their 2017/18 line up, Mizuno drop another colourway option on their Mizuno Morelia Neo Made In Japan series. Ensuring the brand kick off the European season with choice, their elite level Made In Japan edition is wrapped in "Orange Clown Fish" with graphic game.

Mizuno have always kept their Morelia Neo MIJ clean with simple two and three-way colour schemes, so this latest drop can be filed under 'busy' for the Japanese brand. A refreshing update that goes some way to keeping the silo aesthetically relevant while providing players with something a bit different on one of the most popular and longest serving leather speed boots on the market.

When lightweight meets leather a healthy crowd always circles. Mizuno have stuck with their Morelia Neo II concept and by keeping it on the market for as long as they have, they've built a loyal and satisfied following who appreciate it's dependable consistency. One last word on the new colourway; it's encouraging to see Mizuno experimenting with alternative designs, as well as nailing the basics.

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