If Mizuno threw a New Year's Eve party it would be all tuxedos and champagne at the classiest joint in town. The brand personify quality, and they've remained in their formal dress code to kick off 2018 with a "Black/Silver" take on the Morelia Neo MIJ.

The 'Made in Japan' Morelia Neo II series sticks to the recent colourway that hit up the Rebula V1 silo, only the black and silver palettes have been flipped to create a more low-key aesthetic. Another typically crowd-pleasing colour combination from Mizuno.


The 'Made in Japan' series is built using the same highest quality materials that Mizuno offer to their contracted athletes, and the latest update is no different. The 'Made in Japan' edition weighs just 180 grams, and the boots are made with the 'Scotchguard K-Leather' and treated with a liquid silicone to make them waterproof, stain resistant and durable.

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