Mizuno go strong for spring 2018 by launching their on pitch duo of the Morelia Neo II and Rebula V1 in bright "Safety Yellow" designs. Mizuno are a brand that thrive on traditional taste, but their latest collection has a flavoursome kick.

Dropping in an exclusive 'Made in Japan' offering, the Morelia Neo II is Mizuno's highest quality leather boot hence the price tag as bold as the new colourway. Weighing just 180 grams, the boots are made with the 'Scotchguard K-Leather' and treated with a liquid silicone to make them waterproof, stain resistant and durable.


The meeting of lightweight and leather always pulls a healthy crowd, and Mizuno have built a loyal and satisfied following who appreciate the dependable consistency of the Morelia Neo II. Slapping them up in a bright yellow wrap gives the series that bit of versatility to compete with the statement speed boots on the market. Expect to see them on-pitch from this week onwards.

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