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Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ "Black/Silver/Yellow"

Mizuno roll out their first release of 2019 in typically understated style. Turning to their most trusted and long-serving Morelia Neo II 'Made in Japan' silo, the Japanese brand tweak the visuals by adding a splash of silver and yellow to the traditional black leather upper.

Could this be a Morelia Neo II colour combination from any point over the last three seasons? Well, yeah probably. The brand are a humble one that don't go all out for that shock factor – what they do is drop realistic, aesthetically pleasing colourways on the most comfortable premium boots. A Morelia Neo update isn't going viral, it isn't getting all those likes, but it'll shift off the shelves because of its quality reputation and consistency. Smart colour update, job done.


The Morelia Neo II has been given the "Made in Japan" treatment, which consists of using the most elite leather in the game – 'Scotchguard K-Leather' – the highest grade leather afforded to football boots, and it's treated with a liquid silicone to make it waterproof, stain resistant and durable. Still one of the leading lightweight leather speed boots on the market. 

Pick up the Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ at


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