In the midst of people all over the world kicking toilet rolls around in an attempt to stave off the boredom of no sport, we’ve found 10 things you might have missed from the world of football, proving that despite unprecedented times, the beautiful game can still be well weird…

Richaldo – Too much time alone can do strange things to you, as Everton's Richarlison showed. Plenty more examples to come too, so technically he's not alone in the broader sense...

Queen Vic – Spicing up this period of postponements.

The Champions – When all this mess clears up let's hope his little'uns get to do it for real with him at the Camp Nou.

New Pals – Got to start worrying when the voices tell you to do bad things.

Bos-Man – Might be some extra stock behind Dzekout?

The Game Must Go On – Wilf Zaha unable to go a week without having a kick about. Feeling your pain big man.

Doppleganger – Leyton Orient arranged an online FIFA 20 tournament and invited other teams to get involved. They weren't expecting their evil French twin to show up though.

Home Bargain – Welcome to "When boredom strikes, with Ben Osborn".

Clive's Live – Tyldesley going full Alan Partridge with his commentary.

Shut Down – Many clubs and players are doing all they can to entertain themselves in these tough times. Some people just don't want to play though. Savage shithousery from Eastleigh.

FIFA 21 "Quarantine Edition" – A special Coronavirus mode where every game is called off so instead you just sit in your pants eating cereal watching re-runs of classic games.

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures – Never know what positives can comes out of this whole situation.

Wright Isn't Wrong – Parents and grandparents across the land feeling Wrighty's pain after schools got closed in the UK this week.

Cescie Murphy – Fabregas doing his best 'Coming To America' impression. Could think of worse places to self-isolate.

Every Cloud – Could only happen to Liverpool.

Rightful Champions – Or should we just declare the competition null and void?

And there you go, a bumper edition to try and keep smiles on faces. Stay positive people...