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10 Things You Might Have Missed This Week – 15/11/19

To get you through another international break we've looked back at 10 things that you might have missed from the world of football this week, including Zlatan’s lasting influence on MLS, an alternative view of the Premier League table, and the biggest decision you’ll face in the game. Yep, football's weird, but that's why you love it.

The Passion Of Pep – If there's one thing that Guardiola has brought to the Premier League... it's an endless wealth of GIF-able content.

Elastico Fantastico – Silva sending Holmes for a hotdog and bovril.

That Escalated Quickly – The beautiful game...

Memorable Madrid – And this week's 'best reply to a clickbait tweet' goes to...

Zlat's All Folks – Ibrahimovic confirmed that his time in MLS has ended this week, but the impact he had will live long in the memory. Just Zlatan being Zlatan.

Wonky Table – Bit of an eye opener, this. Liverpool already have twice as many points as 16 other teams in the Premier League. And it’s only November.

To Pie, Or Not To Pie – Whoever said that variety was the spice of life was wrong. It's pie.

Light Show Estudiantes de La Plata returning home after 13 years away from their historic stadium put on this show for their fans. We've watched this several times now and still can't figure out how it's done. Or if it's even real. Impressive though.

Wild Nights – Now go and watch the Pep Guardiola clip again. He's the wife in this scenario.

Global Game – Amazing how the Champions League theme can add a sense of grandeur to any occasion.

Making Memories – Getting to play on a Premier League pitch in front of thousands of cheering fans is something that this lot will never forget. Hats off to Villa and Wolves.

Sweeney Lob – Ever smashed your own car windscreen with a shot? Defenders defend Pierce.

Cantread – The presenter mixing up the Norwich midfielder with his porn star alter-ego name.

Did we say 10 things? Close enough...

Daniel Jones

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