A rollercoaster week of emotions that saw Daniel Sturridge have his dog nicked, and then returned. Yep, there’s plenty of strange(r) things going on in and around the world of football, and here’s 10 things you might have missed this week. We don't wanna hear your transfer rumours, well boring. Here's some random stuff instead...

Neymar No More – Probably not far from the truth, this.

Sicks Times – Manchester United have travelled to Australia for their pre-season tour. Yeah, they travelled as far away from Liverpool as they possibly could on this planet to escape and ignore the fact that the Reds won the Champions League again. Didn't work. If LFC were to notch a seventh next year then the 2020/21 tour of Outer Mongolia is on.

McSauce – It's that time of year where new signings have to go through their initiations, singing in front of their new teammates. Scott McTominay however, isn't even a new signing, he just likes to sing, and you love to hear it.

Playing in the hole – It's a digger playing keepy-ups with a human. Not much more to say.

Even Stranger Things – Daniel Sturridge went all John Wick this week after someone broke into his home and stole his Gaten Materazzo.

Fat Ronaldo? – Man channeling his inner CR7.

Pen-tus Jansson – "Have a look down the back of the sofa, failing that there's a William Hill over the road."

Not So Posh – Mick George is happy, and that's all that matters. You don't even have to go on his website to know that he hires skips with a name like that. No nonsense is our Mick.

Hand Off – Mate, literally every angle from every game is on tele now.

Cosmic – Cue "this goal was out of this world" puns galore. Not gonna lie, the first ten seconds in slo-mo was annoying, the next five were worth it.

Amphitheatre – What a place to play football. But look at all those empty seats, probably in VIP having a goblet of wine.

Roughly 10. It'll do...