We’ve made it through another international break, and ahead of the return of domestic action we look back on 10 things you might have missed this week from the world of football, including the devastating set piece power of Granit Xhaka, and some superb Oktoberfest shenanigans...

Oktober-jest – AFC Rushden & Diamonds player Ben Acquaye falling for the old "we're all wearing Lederhosen to the match, mate" trick. Pulled it off like a boss though.

Bus-ted – Nothing wrong with parking the bus, just as long as you move off slowly.

Sing When You're Winning – England fans might not be the perfect example of how to behave abroad, but this one was pretty creative. More anti-racism messages and less throwing patio furniture at locals please chaps.

Let's Be Franck – Second thoughts, let's not... Looks like a dodgy E-FIT of a sexual predator.

Not Inter It – Conte not letting a bit of rain stop play. Old school. Big fan of that. Proper Neil Warnock.

One From The Training Ground – Defenders had no idea what was going on. Unfortunately nor did anyone else, including Xhaka and Lichtsteiner.

Heads Up – Someone get that keeper's Ladbrokes account and check for anything placed on a header scored from own half at anytime.

The Brutal Truth – It's difficult to argue with. And that's what hurts United fans. Still, that's your team talk for Sunday Ole.

Cech Out My Helmet – The big man just loves keeping things out of nets. Terrible fisherman though.

We'll Have What He's Having – Zinchenko being an absolute head case. Need more of this. Need to see Harry Kane doing the same next month when England qualify.

And that's your lot. Enjoy the return of proper football...