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10 Things You Might Have Missed This Week – 06/03/2020

It’s not been a great week for Liverpool fans; suffering their first Premier League defeat of the season to Watford before being unceremoniously dumped out of the FA Cup by Chelsea. Still, could be worse. Could be Ronaldinho. Or Eric Dier for that matter. All of these shenanigans and more feature in this week’s 10 things that you might have missed from the world of football. Funny old game, ain’t it…

Muller Corner – Thomas Muller is many things, but Trent Alexander-Arnold he ain't.

Batz Man – Undoubted star of the DFB Pokal quarter finals was Saarbrücken goalkeeper Daniel Batz, who saved five penalties in his side's triumph over (Un)Fortuna. 

Mein Fuhrios – Reds fans all over the world after Watford – currently swamped in a relegation battle – inflicted Liverpool's first league defeat of the season.

Dier-Bolkcal – There's a line that professional footballers should not cross. It's the white one on the pitch, Eric.

Waddle Of Shame – Everyone knows what a shart is, right? Well Chris Waddle has just found out first hand. Waddle by name, waddle by nature...

Ronald Ronaldson – Ronaldinho got arrested this week for using a fake passport to get into Paraguay. The real kicker? Brazilians don't even need a passport to get into Paraguay.

Sham Rocked – In the immortal words of Andy Gray – no, not those words, the other ones – Take a bow son.

Throwing The Game – A goalkeeper has one important job to do...

Barkley Banger – This one will sting a bit for Liverpool fans, but you can't help but admire the angle of Ross Barkley's thunderous finish. 

Pro Evo Daze – Celebrating Boss Rarkley's finish against Merseyside Reds.

World Hand Wash In Motion – As if anyone has missed the Coronavirus hype that's currently doing the rounds... but here's a novel way to ensure you're giving your mitts the proper scrubbing they need. Everyone do your best John Barnes...

Salt and Vinegar On Your Chips? – Totti serving up an absolute treat down his local park. What was the keeper up to though?!!

And that's your lot. Close enough to 10. Now go and wash your hands.

Daniel Jones

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