The world moves fast. Sometimes too fast. Sometimes so fast that you manage to miss important stories such as fans getting stuck in walls. We've rounded up all that sort of stuff to pick out ten things you might have missed so far this week.

Nothing could stop this ticketless man watching his beloved Boca Juniors on Sunday. Apart from a hole just slightly too small for him. A hole where he spent the rest on the evening lodged in. A hole that he could well still be lodged in.

Just sixty seconds of non-league beauty between Padiham FC and Widnes FC. 3-1 down with one minute left and it all went a bit Pro Evo 5.


Introducing Las Vegas' first professional football team. Las Vegas Lights FC have been given expansion team status and are set to join the USL (third tier) at the beginning of the 2018 season. Oh, and they've just revealed their new club badge and it's an absolute belter. Inspired by the Las Vegas illuminations, the badge is set on a flipped version of the rhombus of the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign.


As Albacete defender Mariano Bittolo trotted back to help his side defend a corner, little did he know that ten seconds later he'd be lying on the floor requiring ten stitches on his gentleman sausage. Yep, to make matters worse it was one of Bittolo's teammates that caused this damn right terrifying injury with his flailing studs. Excuse us while we retire.

Because giving away a penalty by tackling with your legs is too mainstream. 

Salford City goalkeeper Max Crocombe was sent off at the weekend for urinating on the pitch in the 88th minute. He couldn't have held it for a couple more minutes plus stoppage time? There's a pun about a leaky defence somewhere.

Today is halloween. Today means Premier League PR teams have an excuse to justify their jobs. This mainly consists of scaring the living Danny Shittu out of their first team players. Arsenal, of course, the kings of #viraloffpitchyoutubebanter lead the way with their Virtual Reality scare tactics. 

Tottenham's Halloween Video is titled "What's in the Box?" And if it ain't Harry Kane then they should be pretty f*****g terrified.

West Ham warmed up for the terrifying task of travelling to Man City on Sunday by scaring themselves senseless on Resident Evil 7 on Playstation VR. Completely unaware of their surroundings, panicking effortlessly with no idea where the opposition is. If you've seen West Ham defend a set-piece this season, there's no reason to watch the video above.

Danilo and Bernando Silva enter Manchester City's Haunted House Escape Room. Rumour has it Jack Rodwell and Scott Sinclair still roam the corridors.

That's what's been going on in our world this afternoon. Happy Halloween.