Regardless of whether or not dancing cats have dashed off with David Seaman's moustache, the football world never sits still on its axis. Rounding up a selection of snippets from the game both stupid and serious, enjoy a few things to digest as you finish off the day.

Remember, remember, the 19th of September. That's right folks, you can slot a memo in your diary for years on end as today was the day in which Rio Ferdinand released details of a second bite at the athletic cherry in the shape of a boxing career. Going for it backed by the bookies, it's not the only left field player from today's pitch of football's titbits. Here's 10 things you might have missed.

You can have all the riches in the world and still fight over a free-kick (or penalty).

YES. Dogs, on the pitch, doing bits. Best in show 4 years straight.

The caption says it all. Watch it, and learn. Don't go changing.

His name is Rio and he dances with south paw. That's right - Rio Ferdinand is embarking on a boxing journey with the help of Betfair.

New York newness. Chrystie NYC and Chinatown Soccer Club have a collab capsule coming - and it looks a dream.


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Goodneck with the good look. Remember that reversible Man United shirt circa early 2000s? We do.

Following news that Morrissey has released new material, Dan Wilson went a little zine punk with poor old Wazza at the middle of the party.

Designer Anthony Morell takes minimalism to the MLS with this series of posters.

Fresh garms with collaborative charm. Patta and Mitchell & Ness hook up with a collection that just says "take my money, honey".

Oh for heaven's sake, just how good was Diego.

In other news, EA Sports have released yet another booming soundtrack ahead of the game's launch later this month. More here.