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Fiorentina Given Luxury Look By Concept Creator Soccept

Taking inspiration from the rich history and culture of the city of Florence, designer Soccept has created a luxurious concept home shirt for Fiorentina, combining the traditional purple colours of the Serie A club with golden embellishments.

Having popped up on our radar recently with his striking Barcelona concepts, designer Jamie Cańas, also known as Soccept, has come to attention once more, this time for his Fiorentina home shirt design. The Spaniard turned his attention to the Serie A side, drawing on the city’s position as s pioneer of the Renaissance to create yet another stand out design.

fior 5-min.jpg
fior 2-min.jpg

Fiorentina are one of the few teams in the top leagues of the world that play in purple as their home kit, and that puts them in the enviable position of having a wealth of fresh design options open to them. They got their new partnership with Kappa off to a good start with their new home and away shirts for this season, but concept creator Cańas has showed what the pairing could potentially produce, given the right imagination.

The home concept design takes the classic purple of the home shirt, and layers it with a sublimated renaissance pattern that’s aptly reminiscent of the recent Italy kits. That is then embellished by gold trim that features on the sleeve cuffs, club crest (which has been impressively recreated by fellow designer Dan K Norris), sponsor, and perhaps most impressively, through the branding, with the famous Kappa Banda running down the shoulders for a luxuriously regal finish. Take this all day long.

fior 4-min.jpg
fior 3-min.jpg

Check out more of Soccept's work here.

Daniel Jones

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