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Fiorentina Reveal 23/24 Away Shirt From Kappa

With a design inspired by the uniqueness of Florentine florals and the iconic nature of its most idyllic outdoor spaces, ACF Fiorentina have unveiled their away shirt for the 23/24 season from Kappa.

Following up what was a very nice home shirt for the coming campaign, Serie A side Fiorentina have followed suit with their new away shirt from technical sponsors, Kappa, with a striking floral number. The white shirt appears almost lilac in certain lights, creating a nice continuity of the club’s unique identity, while the graphic that spreads across also links the design well with the aforementioned home shirt.

That graphic, that spreads across both sleeves and reaches down the lower abdomen, recreates the interweaving of blossoming lilies.

The collar, unlike the home version, has a V-shaped cut on which there is a double layer in purple and red, which is also repeated on the hem, cuffs, shorts and on the socks. On the collar, on the outside, an inscription reads Play to be different, while on the inside there are always the 13 lilies, a tribute to the twelfth man and to Davide Astori.

fiorentina 5-min.jpg
fiorentina 4-min.jpg
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fiorentina 3-min.jpg

The Fiorentina 23/24 away shirt is available at

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