The world of concept kits is one that is restricted only by a creators imagination and one such creator, SETTPACE, has stood out in 2020 for his stunning output, producing hit after hit, particularly catching attention with his range of fantasy collaborations.

Throughout 2020 concept designer SETTPACE has come into his own, fully embracing the world of fantasy collaborations. Along with some impressive straight up concept designs, he’s also owned the arena of pairing up top European clubs and International teams with some of the most high-end fashion houses in the world, taking a lead from the PSG x Jordan and Juventus x Palace collaborations to create some of the most standout concept kits of 2020, and here we round up the best of the bunch. Sure it may be fantasy, but if you’re going to dream, what a way to do it. 

concept 1-min.jpg
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France x Dior x Shawn Stussy

Taking aim at the international scene for a monster mash-up of epic proportions, SETTPACE combined the stylised approach of Stüssy with the French luxury goods company Dior for a dreamy look for the Fench national side. So far in the realms of imagination, these are moves that are reserved for club level only, likely never to be adopted by the international scene, sadly.

lfc 1-min.jpg
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Liverpool x Maison Margiela

The result of the crossover between Premier League champions Liverpool and the avant-garde designs of French luxury fashion house Mason Margiela was a striking look that saw the base white colouring of the shirt interrupted by black through a disjointed graphic application that runs through the centre. That graphic also spread across the club crest for a two-tone effect that is very uncommon, and certainly not one that has been seen on a Liverpool shirt before. Teal accents on the collar, cuffs, Nike branding and partly through the club crest linked the design to the current home shirt while remaining a truly unique look.

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PSG "Gold"

Let's face it, there's only one team in the world that could realistically pull off a gold kit, and it's Paris Saint-Germain. Anything but plain and simple, the design sees the shirt completely washed in a regal golden presentation for a stand out look for the Parisian side. Looks both glorious and uncomfortable at the same time.

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England x Burberry Home

Representing the nation, SETTPACE paired the Three Lions with British luxury fashion house, Burberry, for a unique take on England’s on-pitch look. The design saw a black base with a Burberry graphic running through the centre, joined by red accents in the form of a central stripe and cuff details. SETTPACE was not shy in tampering with the traditional colours of team crests, and the Three Lions were not exempt here, arriving in what was a matching monochrome masterstroke, placed centrally on the chest along with the Swoosh for some sumptuous symmetry. 

eng 2-min.jpg
eng 4-min.jpg

England x Burberry Away

The away shirt took the classic red of England alternate strips, and layered it with a sublimated Burberry graphic across the whole body, creating a look that’s not a million miles away from the England women’s away shirt from the WWC 2019 collection.

concepts 7-min.jpg
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Inter Milan x Marcelo Burlon

Turning attention once again to Italian shores to imagine a collaboration between Inter and Milan-based fashion label Marcelo Burlon, SETTPACE created a psychedelic, heat map-esque design that took wavy to a whole new level. Inter are used to receiving some of the best kits around, but there’s always room for a little bit more...

juve 5-min.jpg
juve 2-min.jpg

Juventus x Gucci

If Gucci made football shirts. This is pure fantasy football, with Florence-based Gucci unlikely to ever outfit Turin-based Juventus… but this is all about imagining what could be possible, and coming as the 'away' option in this collaboration, SETTPACE has hit the nail on the head. The design sees the luxury fashion brand’s trademark green-red-green stripe across the chest, across the textured pattern in the white base, and it's all finished with glimmering gold accents. Sublime.

Once you've finished drooling over this list, you can check out more of SETTPACE's work here.