Bringing a fresh approach to the Catalan club’s classic look, Creative Manager and Football Designer Soccept, aka Madrid-based Jaime Cañas, has created three concept kits for Barcelona – home, away, third – drawing on influences from the city itself.

Kit concepts provide an avenue of exploration and freedom that sadly never makes it to the pitch, despite them often being more impressive than what clubs often end up playing in. Barcelona are a club that are fortunate enough to receive premium treatment from current technical partners Nike, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not some room for improvement, and here it comes courtesy of Jaime Cañas, who goes by the alias of Soccept, who provides a home, away and third option, bringing the style of the city into the club.

barca concept 1-min.jpg
barca concept 2-min.jpg

For the home shirt the design sees the city of Barcelona light up, and it’s inspired by the architecture of the Sagrada Familia with lines and styles reminiscent of the 1998 home kit. The stylistic look sees an all-over sublimated graphic overlaid by the club’s classic colours, in the traditional stripe layout, with golden embellishments giving it a final flourish.

barca concept 4-min.jpg
barca concept 5-min.jpg

The away option takes an all-over gold colouring, with a subtle sublimated shatter graphic. Gaudí's architecture was a pioneer in the 20th century, and his ornamental mosaics, called Trencadís, placed in the city of Barcelona provide the canvas of this jersey.

The third shirt takes a bigger leap into the realm of fantasy, with Cañas opting to partner the La Liga side up with his own burgeoning streetwear brand, Paradise. Barcelona's street art inspires even the wildest detail, with scratches to bring style to the streets, and that's joined by a wild graphic that runs across the raglan sleeve design. The Futura logo is then brought into play, taking up a position on the right of the chest, with the club crest on the left, offering a point of difference to the home and away shirt looks.

barca concept 6-min.jpg
barca concept 7-min.jpg

Definitely a designer to keep an eye on. Check out more of Soccept's work here.