Ahead of welcoming fans back to the Franchi, Kappa and Fiorentina launch the home, away, third and fourth shirts for the 21/22 season, all of which draw on the history of the club to create a design that combines both tradition and the brand’s PRO KOMBAT technology.

No messing about in Florence with staggered releases; nope, Fiorentina and Kappa take care of business by dropping all four of their kits for the 21/22 season in one fell swoop. The horizontal stripe across all four designs brings back memories of the shirts worn by the Viola in the 1980s. The new-look halberd crest forms part of that club heritage too – which is why Fiorentina has decided to restore it to the team’s jerseys, in the year of the club’s 95th anniversary, to celebrate it and introduce a new generation of fans to this iconic symbol.

The home shirt sees the iconic purple as the base with the white band dominating the chest. That look is inverted for the away shirt, while the third shirt sees a yellow base with the purple again filling in the secondary support role on the design. Then the fourth shirt features a red base with a white chest stripe, although it’s accented by purple borders.

The collection – which includes kits in purple, white, red and yellow – also features a special strip for Fiorentina Femminile. For the first time ever, the team will wear women’s-fit match shirts, with the Kappa Kombat Pro adapted for Fiorentina Femminile’s first-team players. The design is identical for the men’s and women’s kits, with ultra-lightweight materials used and nylon stretch stitching ensuring maximum comfort and elasticity. Hidroway Protection technology guarantees breathability and allows body heat to escape, with each and every detail and feature designed to eliminate skin irritation. 

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fiorentina 3-min.jpg

Thanks to the recently announced collaboration with Genuino, for the first time in the club’s history the new Fiorentina shirt is also a collectable NFT, as part of an initiative that combines both the digital and the physical. NFTs of 95 Fiorentina jerseys, numbered from 1 to 95 and traced through blockchain, will soon be on sale on the Genuino.World platform, giving collectors and fans alike the chance to purchase not only Fiorentina’s first-ever NFTs but also a truly unique, physical jersey. It marks the start of Viola 9.5, a digital and physical collectables campaign that will span the entire 2021/22 season as part of the club’s 95th anniversary celebrations.

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