Revisiting the international setup once more, concept designer SETTPACE pairs the France national team up with compatriot luxury fashion house, Dior, for a minimalist take for the French Football Federation.

Having returned to the England concept recently to complete the Burberry home, away and third setup, SETTPACE now heads back to the France x Dior concept that has previously been experimented with, although this time there’s no sign of the stylised approach of Stüssy. Instead it’s a minimalist approach, as the concept creator continues to explore that territory where fashion and football meet.

france 2-min.jpg
france 3-min.jpg

For the France x Dior design, we get a pure white base with a contrasting FFF crest and nike branding that continue the monochrome feel. But that is rudely interrupted by a simple but effective ‘paint spatter’ graphic that runs down the left side of the shirt, bringing a flash of multicolour to the canvas. Some will call it out as lazy, some will call it out as genius, but you certainly can’t argue with its uniqueness.

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