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Mitre & AOF Collaborate In Support Of Football Beyond Borders

The Mitre Ultimax will hold a special place in any nostalgic football fan’s heart. Now, Mitre have partnered with Art of Football to deliver a series of unique and limited edition bespoke balls. Each one is carefully hand crafted in a unique design by the team at AoF to tell a story of the evolution of football, and they will be donated to Football Beyond Borders' charity auction this June.

Mitre got everyone thinking of the good old days recently when they rereleased one of the most iconic and celebrated balls to ever grace the game at the end of last year. Yes, everyone from a certain generation has memories with the Mitre Ultimax, be it playground one touch against the wall, scoring your first belter or simply copping one to the face on a cold winter's day. And now it lines up as one of a five-piece collection, created by [AoF] in homage to artists such as Matisse and Keith Haring.

From the Ultimax to the Harring design, which comes dripping in more colour than the Copa Libertadores final, the collection has been created with eye-catching bespoke designs each using different applications of drawing, painting and using spray paint – using the same colour palette as the Mitre Ultimax 95 football. Each ball is encased in a black branded box with Mitre x AOF printed.

mitre 7-min.jpg
mitre 5-min.jpg
mitre 4-min.jpg
mitre 3-min.jpg
mitre 6-min.jpg
mitre 2-min.jpg

The balls will be donated to Football Beyond Borders' charity auction in June 2021.

Daniel Jones

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