The creatives at Art of Football [AOF] have teamed up with Mitre to create their first-ever ball: the limited edition Halftime Slice ball, which takes influence from that classic refreshment that has got so many of us through those gruelling Sunday League games over the years.

Sunday League is a very pure form off football. 22 people (if you can get that many out of bed in time!), mud and tackles, passion and grit, the laughs, the highs and the lows: it all forms that tribal event that we battle through our hangovers for. And now [AOF] pay tribute to it with their first ever football, created in collaboration with Mitre with a design that centres around the all-important orange slice.

aof 4-min.jpg
aof 2-min.jpg

The ‘Halftime Slice’ ball joins a prestigious line up of Mitre footballs and is accredited with FIFA Quality Pro to ensure match quality. It’s engineered with Hyperseam TM Technology, where seams are bonded and stitched, ensuring almost zero water uptake. The debossed surface texture manipulates airflow around the ball for pin-point accuracy and speed on both grass and astro surfaces. There will only be 300 released, available in only size 5, so if you’re after one, then you’re gonna need to be quick.

aof 5-min.jpg
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The [AOF] X Mitre Halftime ball will be dropping 1pm (GMT), 28 January 2022.