Providing new options for different levels of play, renowned British football brand Mitre expands its range of iconic match balls, with the introduction of the Ultimax collection, which is comprised of the Ultimax Pro, Ultimax Evo and Ultimax.

Mitre footballs are such an integral part of British football history, engrained in football culture as they are, and they continue to exist today, refined for the modern game, with the British brand supplying the Ultimax Pro, official match ball for the FA Cup. Now, Mitre has unveiled the Ultimax collection, providing options for all levels of the game we love, filling in the gap between the elite Ultimax Pro and the much lower priced replica editions with the new Ultimax Evo and Ultimax One.

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Each Ultimax ball in the range has it’s own identity varied by metallic colours – and the design has been centred around power and movement in the game. The Ultimax Pro ball is defined by ‘Gold’ for top end performance and prestigiousness, Ultimax Evo has a ‘Silver’ industrial feel to it and Ultimax One nods back to footballs classic black and white heritage.

All three balls are designed with the innovation expected from Mitre and FIFA Quality Pro approved. Created using Mitre’s unique 4-panel construction and moulded with Hyperseal thermally bonded technology, increasing the sweet spot for a cleaner and more powerful strike.

Hyperflow grooves help to stabilise in-flight dynamics and reduce drag through the air, for pin-point accuracy passing at every range. 

The Ultimax range all have Hyperfoam mid-layers within the construction, which vary in elasticity through the range, helping to improve contact, responsive first touch and when combined with maximum power, exceptional control. 

All balls within the range have been designed and built for long-lasting durability, unbeatable shape retention, and abrasion resistance on grass and Astro surfaces. When tested to destruction the Ultimax Pro ball outperformed Mitre’s previous Delta Max model by 32 percent.

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