Inviting twenty leading designers, illustrators and creatives to celebrate their favourite weird and wonderful moments from previous World Cups, 'Weird World Cup x Football Beyond Borders' is a bespoke way of bringing a creative edge to football while supporting a well worthy cause.

Through each contributor, a series has been created to represent an iconic moment from the past. That moment can be anything that unlocks an emotion. Whether it's John Barnes rapping or Zizou's almighty headbut, the designs litter the mind with memories. Each design has been printed onto limited edition beer mat and are being ‘exhibited’ in pubs around London right in time for the World Cup. The beer mats will then go on sale in the respective pubs with all of the money raised going to charity 'Football Beyond Borders'.

Weird World Cup x Football Beyond Borders_0007_BRAT2.jpg
Weird World Cup x Football Beyond Borders_0001_Reverse_Ben_Tallon.jpg

FBB are aiming to create a learning hub that can become a centre for FBB’s transformative experiences and a fulcrum for their community social action projects. With this, they can provide an extra 10 weeks of FBB’s football and education provisions to over 150 young people for the 2018/19 academic year. All young people are keen and active learners especially when the conditions are right.

This project ties into the aspirations of FBB which are focused around encouraging creativity and collaboration, while providing a home for all the exciting projects young people are involved with. You can find out more about the Weird World Cup collaboration here