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Mitre Launch 17/18 Delta EFL Match Ball

The Mitre Delta ain't just a football. It's more than a bag of air, it's a bag of memories. Bringing back the iconic Delta ball design as the official match ball of the 2017/18 English Football League season was always going to go down well. Complete with oversized Mitre branding, it's a modernised piece of throwback football.

A late-nineties Premier League pin up has found its way into the Championship, League One and League Two with a re-designed look for the next campaign. A new generation can now appreciate a ball full of 90's magic. The Mitre Delta has obviously been updated for its return with Hyperseam technology for a pure in-flight path and increased grip. Ultimately, it's as good as it gets for an elite level football; for those who had one in the nineties, fear not. This one won't knock you out when full of water.

Some description

The Mitre Delta EFL Match Ball has been launched in both white and hi-vis colourways. The latter will naturally come into action when the clocks change in Autumn. A classic reborn. We're all over this. The only thing wrong with it, and it's completely out of Mitre's control is that nasty EFL brand logo that looks like a budget washing power brand.

Want one? Get the Mitre Delta Ball here.


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