One of the most iconic and celebrated balls to ever grace the game – the Mitre Ultimax – is back, 25 years on from when the ball first made its mark on professional pitches worldwide, bringing with it a flood of early Premier League memories.

The first ever ball to be recorded at over 100mph, the Mitre Ultimax is pure nostalgia in spherical form. One thing it is sure to do is show your age. See, we youthful scamps in the SoccerBible office have no memory of this ball… [ahem]. But those of a certain age will remember it at the feet of some of the best strikers to have ever graced the Premier League, including Alan Shearer, Robbie Fowler and Eric Cantona. Now, a whole new football generation will get to experience the power of the Mitre Ultimax.

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Celebrating 25 years of the Ultimax, Mitre has created an exclusive run of 600 balls and is launching a gender-neutral capsule collection featuring three footballs, two t-shirts and a jacket. The new Ultimax balls are made with the same materials and hand-stitched to the same exacting standards of the original. Each ball comes in its own presentation box with a certificate and is individually numbered. It’s not just a ball, it’s a piece of footballing history.

As well as being inspired by the original Mitre Ultimax, the design of the new Mitre ’95 apparel range is influenced by 90’s retro fashion styles. Using the vintage embroidered logo mixed up with the Mitre Delta patterned taping. The exceptional detail even goes down the care label, which has been reintroduced and is exactly the same as in the 90’s football jerseys.

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Overly baggy shirts, collars popped, superfluous nose-pieces and the Mitre Ultimax at the centre of it all: the early days of the Premier League were certainly wild times. Not that we remember it we mean, y'know... just looks wild s'all we're saying...

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