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Mitre & Lack Of Guidance Collaborate For Sports-Streetwear Capsule

Combining heritage with style, old school and new school, longevity and innovation, Mitre have paired up with Lack of Guidance for a three-piece capsule collection that’s powered by nostalgia.

Few names hold as much weight in football as Mitre. Their innovations have been the cornerstone of the game we love for so long that they are right to refer to themselves as the original British football brand. Now, taking their appeal to spaces away from the pitch, but still delivering a dose of nostalgia that always comes with the mere mention of their name, Mitre have teamed up with Lack of Guidance for a limited-edition capsule consisting of three pieces: a co-branded two-piece tracksuit set – terrace-approved – and a T-shirt with branding on both the front and back.

mitre 7-min.jpg
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Beth Fletcher-Hunt, Senior Brand Manager Mitre, said of the collaboration: “We’re really excited about this new collab between Mitre and Lack of Guidance, and where we are strategically able to partner with people who love football as much as we do! We’re confident this new limited-edition capsule will fly and can’t wait to spot it in the stands throughout the season.”

Those sentiments were followed up by Akaar Amin,Co-founder Lack of Guidance, who said: “First of all, we’re happy that through this collaboration, we finally came to the realisation that we’ve been pronouncing Mitre wrong our whole lives. But all jokes aside, we are honoured to work with a brand that has meant so much for football, from a country that is responsible for inventing the sport.”

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